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Custom Windows

Custom windows are a strong point of MM Kissimmee Window Installers. We take the measurements of your windows, and adjust it to your choice of material, style, and color. We want nothing more than to give you everything you want!

The cheapest route to upgrade your windows is by buying standard-sized windows. Stock size windows are often lower prices because these sizes are optimized for maximum material efficiency from manufacturers. However, custom windows are really a good investment. You get to pick your preferred window material that is made specifically to beautify your home!


Customizing a window that will best suit your home can be a lot of work. To get you started, choosing the window material that you prefer is your very first step.

Generally, there are many window materials that we offer but the most popular ones are as follows:


Wood windows are the ultimate pick when vying for a traditional yet elegant and sophisticated look for your home. Centuries have passed, and this window material is still on the market!

For three reasons, wood will always be a good material for your window choice. One, the aesthetic of natural materials such as wood have a unique and majestic beauty. Second, wood is a good insulator that provides four hundred times more insulation than steel and aluminum windows. And lastly, with the proper care, wood can last a long time.

While maintaining wood isn’t inexpensive, it is still an excellent choice when it comes to building the home of your dreams. The achievable “homey” feel, and the added aesthetic to your house may compensate for the cost and maintenance.


When it comes to durability and affordability, nothing quite beats the work of aluminum windows. As to say, any moisture won’t deform, contort, nor corrode these windows so molds won’t have the chance to develop.

The reason why many homeowners opt for this kind of window material is due to the following: easy maintenance, thermal efficiency, and eco-friendliness. For starters, a quick wiping of the glass and frame every other month is the only maintenance it will require. This will clean out the dirt and keep the windows looking brand new as always. Additionally, aluminum windows exhibit thermal efficiency as they can easily improve heat accumulation and heat loss through windows by over sixty percent. What’s more, aluminum materials are fully sustainable, making it an eco-friendly choice.


If you want the perfect combination of a low maintenance and aesthetic-looking materials, then vinyl is the perfect choice for you. Additionally, it is also the most energy efficient window there is. These windows were made specially to withstand the rough weather that occurs in Kissimmee from time to time.

Vinyl materials are also made to last longer than any of the other construction materials. They can also be manufactured easily and conveniently so you can  expect to pay less. Moreover, it doesn’t absorb moisture, so no more worries about rusting!

Other than casual routine cleaning, vinyl windows can easily maintain themselves without you worrying about them so much.

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